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How Your Feelings Can be Influenced by The Clothes You are Wear

This is usually an influence on your confidence and a good feeling that accompanies putting one a new set of outfits.This feeling has been proven through various studies to be beyond a simple emotional feeling but more psychological than we actually thought. Furthermore, it has been shown that people dress up and surprisingly tend to match their personalities with the outfit they are in and not the outfit to the personality. Proof has been confirmed through a number of examples as mentioned below.

The official wear is the first dressing will look at. Evidence has it that people who do the power dressing have been found to be more ethical even though the current trends of dressing at work is slowly changing from the power dressing to the casual wear. People find they feel more powerful in official wear even when they are just by themselves because official closing influences our confidence. In business, one thing that can help you to win very big business deals is being confident and aggressive. When you are in good attire hormones are produced in your body that make you display dominance which adds to your confidence and the feeling of self-assurance.

Secondly, we can consider the casual look. When in the formal dressing, it has been shown that your performance is greatly boosted in the workstation and even in the meeting rooms. The downside however is that it is not very fit for socialization with other people when work is done. When you are comfortable, you will be able to have a good balance between work and play. To facilitate this, you can just carry with you extra clothing that you can put on when the time comes. If you want to look smart but at the same time comfortable, the smart casual would be a good choice and the casual look would make people feel like they can easily approach.

Another important set of clothing to look at is gym clothing. Visiting the gym is not everyone’s cup of tea yet regular exercise is very essential for everyone. The main reason why people find it hard to exercise is because they lack the motivation to do so. Because of our busy lifestyles we do not even find time to and when we do, the thought of exercising just tires you. The entire, and especially gym attire, can motivate you to do something and in this case exercise. Having gym attire at your home can always remind you of the need to visit the gym.