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What You Need To Know When Planning For Ladakh Motorcycle Tours

In India you will find a pvace called ladakh which is great for motorcycle tours. There are snow clad mountains, rugged landscapes and amazing motorcycles. For individuals who enjoy motorcycle riding, Ladakh is a great place to visit. Read on to know what you need to consider when planning your motorcycle tour to Ladakh.

The best time to go for motorcycle tour in Ladakh is between June and September. These months will ensure that you have a great time. However, there are some riders who prefer to go during the beginning of the year to experience the magical vistas. The weather conditions will determine the route you will take. The most ideal duration for a motorcycle tour is 15 days or more Make sure you come up with a budget before you decide to go to ladakh. Consider things such as fuel, meals and accommodation. This way you will have an idea of how much you intend to spend.It is advisable that you create a flexible budget just in case there occurs any other additional expenses that you had not planned for.

Also, consider the type of bike that you want. It is important that you be careful when making this decision. Consider suitability and not how popular the bike is. Select a bike that you can easily handle and maintain. This way you will be safe to ride in Ladakh.

You can Google and check which are the most ideal motorcycles. You will find that there are many options, you just need to pick one that is best. Alternatively, you can ask for references from your friends or family who have been on motorcycle tour in ladakh. They will advise you on what to do and what not to do. This way you will avoid making mistakes.

In addition, you can instead choose to rent a motorcycle instead of buying one. There are many places on Ladakh where you can rent bikes as long as you have the necessary documents. You need to have a valid identification documents and a driving license.

For those who are still below 25, you need a letter of consent from your parents. Consider your physical fitness before you go for motorcycle tour in Ladakh. Take your time and increase your altitude gradually. It is advisable that as a tourist, you rest for at least 48 hours after reaching Ladakh. This is because there is low atmospheric pressure, give your body some time to adapt. Drinking water is essential. It is vital that you stay hydrated. Increase your daily intake by a litre. To prevent fatigue, don’t override the motorcycle. It is important you have a puncture kit.

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